“Relaxing Into Optimal Alignment” This Saturday, February 26th (Web version of E-Newsletter)

Dear Friends ,

What could be better with the topsy turvy weather and the pace of our town these days than to spend a delicious afternoon relaxing into optimal alignment?

This month’s workshop theme will explore the second line of the Anusara invocation:  satcitananda murtaye.–roughly meaning being, consciousness, and bliss embodied.  We will spend two extraordinary hours inviting ourselves to go into each pose fully present and aware to the possibility of bringing ourselves into complete bliss by aligning through the Anusara principles.

Or you could just think it is relaxing and lovely, while listening to great music, to lie in a series of supported poses that realign the physical body to help release tension and invite a sense of ease.  The thing about restoratives is that they offer much on many levels.

If you sometimes think that restoratives are not for you because your mind has a tendency to race, please come join us, ask a question about what to do when the mind races, either privately before, or with the whole group when I ask for questions.  I have offerings from my teachers and my own experience that have proven for me to be incredibly helpful, and I love to pass them on.

Cannot come this Saturday, please mark your calendars for March 19th (Yoga for Gardeners to Benefit the Washington Youth Garden) and March 26th for the final workshop in the “Relaxing into Optimal Alignment” series.

Hope to see you soon.

Peace and light,



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