6:50am flight from BWI (I’ll be off of the computer until Monday)

I am lucky to have a non-stop.  The storm is supposed to have passed through.  So I can enjoy myself know matter what travel brings, I pack up a variety of reading materials — philosophy, handouts for the workshop, and fiction.  I switched my ankle warmers to bamboo knitting needles so I could get through security and knit (the ankle warmers are on size 2 needles, so it is taking me as long as a sweater).  I have my journal and a pen.  Best, I am traveling with two friends (all different flights, but no one waiting alone in the airport) with whom to visit, who are going to the same retreat.  Takes the edge off of the early wake up time.  Starts the retreat when I leave the door instead of when I arrive at the retreat center.


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