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Sculpture Around Town (Dan Flavin at the Hirshhorn)

When I find myself wrestling with thought or emotion, it always helps to go look at art (when a walk in nature is not available). It the combination of walking and seeing that opens me and invites me to find more clarity and perspective.

What do you do for yourself (in addition to formal meditation and asana practice) when you need to get some perspective/deeper wisdom?

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Louise Bourgeois at the Hirshhorn

The other day, I went to see the Louise Bourgeois retrospective at the Hirshhorn.  The works are a combination of exquisite technique and in-your-face, challenging emotions.  I had a friend who raged at me once because I had created a piece that was radically, polemically feminist.  “That’s not art; art is only meant to be beautiful and aesthetic, not to be political,” said my friend.  Although he could not have questioned Bourgeois as an artist — her technique is too good — he might still have raged at it.  (The high school group being shown art on a field trip, while I was at the exhibit, was scurried through a room or two, much to my amusement).

Seeing the exhibit led me to think of the purported purpose of left-handed tantric practices, which are meant to challenge us, turn us upside-down and inside out, and question what we recognize as the divine.