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What I Wrote Last Week

By now, the news of scandal has become widespread on the internet.  The Huffington Post has put in its two cents in the way that modern journalism does–highlight the bad, forecast turmoil, and invite continued readership.  Put John Friend or… (READ MORE)


Guest Blog for District Kula “Giving Thanks by Sharing the Abundance (and Dana)”

If you haven’t seen it already on the District Kula website, please check out my guest post for District Kula on my Thanksgiving tradition–the Thanksgiving Day fundraising class for Oxfam.  Many thanks to District Kula for inviting me to blog… (READ MORE)


“You Who Choose to Lead Must Follow,” Argentinian Tango, and the Dance of Shiva and Shakti

On Friday night, Professor Douglas Brooks offered a satsang that was hosted by District Kula. One of the attendees, who said that she did no yoga, but taught Argentinian tango, wanted to know about what she had heard of yoga… (READ MORE)