Accidental Down Time and Opportunity for Reimagining

I hope this finds you safe and healthy and my energy out to those of you in the midst of challenges of embodiment of whatever kind.

I had not meant to take as long as I did between posts. Much gratitude to the wonderful person who administers the site for a quick repair in a very busy time.

The need for a fix naturally leads to the question of whether to fix or change and how. It is time for a change. Keep your eye out for updates and have patience with progress.

I hope to have more time to write than about practicing the various aspects of yoga. I have been practicing much and am delving back into the philosophy from today’s perspective. Please let me know if you would be interested in particular topics. And if you want to see more photos, I’m on Facebook as myself and Rose Garden Yoga and on Instagram as rosegardenyoga1008.


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