Occupy DC–The Morning After

When I was on my way to do volunteer work this morning, I rode the bus past the dregs of Occupy DC-McPherson Square.  The police presence was thick.  I wasn’t sure why the heavy construction equipment was necessary.  It is hard to know what will happen to the movement when it loses its physical location.  It is clear that the idea of “occupy” has already entered popular culture, and the idea of the 99% will be part of this year’s Federal elections.

As things are created and dissolved, it is always hard to know what will stay and what will disappear from the fabric of our lives.  Part of it depends on the strength of the ideas.  Part depends on the commitment of those involved to transform and evolve to keep what is good moving forward even when beset with challenge and upheaval.  As for the last photograph, which was taken just down the street (the cop cars were clearly related to those in the Square)–I couldn’t tell you what god or whose country; could you?


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