The Hip, the Truly Hip, and the Tragically Hip (and What Does That Have to Do with Meditation?)

I always find articles on the “spiritual” practices of the rich and famous fascinating.  Does reading this article make you more or less interested in your own practice or does it not make any difference to you at all?  Contemplation on which is your answer (might be a combination) is sure to give insight to your relationship both to society and to your practice.



  1. Jane Jackson

    Major insight so far is into my own apparent willingness to see these people as “other”.

  2. Comrade Kevin

    It still seems superficial and cloying, almost. It’s tough for me to see anyone’s basic motivation as the least bit profound. If it works, then I have no objections, but I’ve always seen the world of the celebrity as the world of the eternal dilettante.

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