Blog Posts on the Teachers’ Gathering and Being a Part of the “Institution of Anusara”

My friend Olga has written a series of blog posts reflecting on the Certified Teachers’ Gathering and what it means to her to to be a part of the Anusara community.   I found most interesting the reflections on how Anusara is growing as a community, even as an “institution.”

One of the things that I ponder in connection with being a member of any group is how deeply to be involved, whether I can pick and choose from among the teachings and practices offered and still be regarded as a true participant?  Whether I can be uncomfortable with some of the organizational structure, but still be true to the ultimate goal or teachings?  What does it mean at the workplace — for me the giant bureaucracy of the Department of Labor?  What does it mean if we are a member of an organized religion (I’m a member of the Friends Meeting of Washington)?  A group of like-minded practitioners?  A neighborhood?  A society?


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