Experiment (photo taken on Blackberry transferred to home computer)



  1. Gaylw

    Okay, I’ll bite. What is it? And did the experiment work?

  2. Dan

    What a fabulous image, especially at full size. Thanks for posting it!

  3. Elizabeth (Post author)

    Thanks Dan. I never cease to marvel at the extraordinary powers we have created with technology. With a little thing I hold in my pocket, I can take a picture of a sidewalk, transfer it to a box on my desk, and then transmit it for millions to see if they so choose. I think holding on to the awe helps keep it feeling like technology is ruling my life as opposed to providing more avenues for creative expression.
    ps. Gayle–the experiment was seeing if I could successfully use the technology. The Blackberry is relatively new, and blogging from the Blackberry newer still.

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