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Signs Around Town (Excerpt)

Being free from worry is not the same as being free from challenges of embodiment–internal and external.

A key point, for me, of living with attention (mindfully), is learning how better to prepare to address challenges or to avoid them, as appropriate, and become more serene in responding when there’s no more preparation that would change what is coming.


Signs Around Town

What is it when it seems like something is a sign or a perfectly timed message? Is it a moment of clarity or more illusion? The teachings say that diligent practice over a period of time with the right teachers will help us move towards clarity.

I don’t think I’ve practiced long enough to know whether im yet leaning more towards clarity, but I still enjoy practicing.

What’s your experience/thinking on this?


Yoga Darshana; Yoga Sadhana 

I took the day off from work today to attend an all-day teacher training with Cyndi Lee at Willow Street Yoga. Cyndi invited us to ask ourselves how our yoga teaching informs our practice and how our practice (and the reasons why we practice) informs our teaching? Worthy questions for ongoing contemplation.