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A Conversation (and Maitri)

This morning, after my morning beach walk, as usual, one of the men at the storefront for an adventure business that’s on the corner before the house I’m staying at called out his usual “hey beautiful lady” thing. I responded to him in Spanish, and we ended up talking for a while.

He asked about my Spanish, as most visitors here (even those who’ve bought condos) don’t seem to have much of the language. I said I’d started studying last year; I was spurred by the current political climate to become competent in Spanish to open opportunities for me to be of service.

In response, he told me that he’d lived in California for over 25 years; his three children were born in the United States. They are still in the US, but he, last year, was sent back to Mexico pursuant to the present administration’s policies.

Later in the day, when I was walking out with my yoga teacher and friends, he greeted us with friendliness, not just the typical marketing greeting.

When I get more capable, I hope to find a way to be of greater service, but expanding the opportunities for friendliness seems a decent start.

Below is a picture of what I’m pretty sure is a curlew (birding experts, please comment and advise) eating an immature crab that I watched in the morning.


State of the Garden (and a Sign)

Long time neighbors and participants in the rose garden yoga posse, who have now retired and are moving to be nearer children and grandchildren, gave me their yard sign.

I will miss them for practice and around the neighborhood. I like, if they must go, that I will think of them fondly every time I come home to this exhortation and its call to practice.



I woke up violently beset with cold/flu symptoms on Tuesday (fortunately, I’d voted early). I hardly got out of bed for two days and while I was able to work some from home because there were deadlines that needed to be coordinated, I ‘m days from being better. Instead of being out this week bearing witness, I’ve contributed extra to support recount efforts and am glad for the steadiness of committed monthly giving. I am concentrating this long weekend on recovering because this is for the long haul. And look at this beautiful tree, which clearly has enjoyed the overly wet autumn.