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A Glimpse

On the way to Madhuban, we caught a rare glimpse of Trishula and Nanda Devi. It is usually too misty to see them from where we were staying, and they were not visible when we were on the drive back to Delhi.

In a few hours, I head to the airport for the long ride home, having bathed in the beauty of music and mountains, with, I hope, fresh perspective for the work ahead.


Wonder Here at Home


I have been pining for a great adventure that would crack open my heart and remind me of the exalted.

A look at the sky as I did errands in the middle of my work day reminded me that all we need to find that ecstatic sense of awe is to be open to it right where we are.

The sadhana is to stay filled with awe as we do our work and chores, no matter how prosaic or stressful.  Easier said than done, but worth every bit of effort (tapas).