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A Good Week for Sadhana

This morning, when I was reviewing in my head some of the meetings and other work matters upcoming this week, I thought, “what a good time to practice all the things I have been studying.”

It felt like progress to think that and then notice my first thought was not, “this week is going to be awful,” or even, “this week is going to be challenging,” instead of thinking the latter and reminding myself of the former.

And having a homemade popsicle after a long day certainly helps make this heat wave more enjoyable.


Lime, cucumber, mint popsicle (cucumber and mint from the garden)


Afternoon Walk

After eating homemade popsicles.  This week’s variation:  lemon, lime, with white nectarine.  The liquid was an chilled tisane with herbs from the garden; the sweetener, local honey.  The farmers at the market were packing to go home.  Tomatoes and peaches only $1 a pound.  Tonight–cucumber and tomato salad with the second cucumber of the year from my own garden.  The salad to accompany whole wheat pasta tossed with garden greens, herb pesto (basil, parsley, arugula; garlic in the pesto from a friend’s garden), and white beans.  Later in the week when it gets cooler, slow-cooked tomato sauce and white peaches poached in wine (perhaps turned into popsicles).