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A Thanksgiving Gathering

A friend, who is on the board of directors, invited me to help set up and serve Thanksgiving dinner at the Latin American Youth Center. I took this afternoon off instead of tomorrow afternoon and helped out. I met several inspiring people and many kids who like cookies.

There’s a lot of art on the walls and some poetry. This reminded me of how grateful I am for what I have and where I am in life.


Signs Around Town

Signs with intelligent, thought-provoking, and action-inspiring quotes are proliferating in my neighborhood.  I took this photo last night when I was walking home after getting a Friday evening massage in the neighborhood.

This morning, after practicing, I took care of cat, house, and garden, reading the news, signing petitions (not as helpful as visiting/writing to a Senator/Congressperson–but I don’t have those as a DC resident) and doing targeted giving (today to support a free press) in addition to my expanding monthly giving. This afternoon, I am attending “Active Bystander” training.  Then off to share dinner and then watch friends I know from Contact Improv perform works in progress at Dance Exchange.  I will get time outside by traveling as much as possible on foot.

How are you spending your Saturday?  Did it help you feel more engaged, connected, and grateful or less?  If less, what small shift could you decide to make that would be easy enough that you would actually do it?


Still More Color (An Appreciation)

Today, when I was thinking about that for which I am most grateful and taking a lunchtime walk through the neighborhood, I decided that my persistent appreciation for beauty is worthy of the highest gratitude. The ability always to be entranced by beauty has gotten me through many a moment of potential suffering.

Though many of the trees have lost their leaves, the spectacular color show continues.  Some of the trees are still sporting green leaves, so there is more to come.  And then will come the time to enjoy the exquisite architecture and shape of the branches themselves against the winter sky–it’s own kind of beauty.

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