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Contact Improv Curious? Or Experienced?

For those of you who have heard me talking about contact improv and how much delight in it I’ve found and how a steady engagement with this art form has influenced my asana practice, there will be a great opportunity to get the basics at the morning workshop session on August 24th at Dance Exchange in Takoma Park.

Many thanks to my friend Leslie for coordinating the workshop.  For more information and to register, click here.

Hope to see many of you there.  For those more comfortable with movement, dance, and the form, there will be more opportunity to dance all day.

If you’re out of town and interested, email me separately about a possible visit.


A Commitment

When I enter into a contact improv jam, I make a commitment. I commit to paying attention with all of my being, to myself, to my partner or partners of the moment, to all the others in the room, and to a spatial, energetic, and creative attention to the dance itself and for the dancers as community and co-creators of the dance (and sometimes for the observers, too).

I think this is not unlike the commitment of the tantric yoga practitioner who ideally engages all of life with a simultaneous attention to the inner and the outer, to the dance between the self and all that to which ones self comes into relationship and to the dance of relationship.

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In the Woods and Nearby

The grounds at the Claymont Mansion this weekend.  It was wonderful to walk through the woods between the mansion and the barn where we danced during the East Coast Contact Improv Jam.