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Signs Around Town

One of the aspects of mind-body centering and the yoga asana teaching I’ve gotten from that lineage, is that the first question you ask yourself is whether you are safe–usually a given if attending a yoga workshop.

If you’re not safe, then you should be addressing that and not going further towards some particular practice exploration. Everyone deserves to be safe enough to explore mind-body-spirit.


Some Excellent Questions

I went to the first day of a weekend workshop with Amy Matthews, co-director of the Breathing Project, at Willow Street Yoga.  As always when I go up to Willow Street, it is always good to see friends from the shared practice and study of yoga.

The workshop is providing much to peak my curiosity to explore in my practice and to refine and improve my teaching.  I liked that when talking about teaching, Amy Matthews said that her goal is to empower her students to keep themselves safe.

As students, we are ultimately responsible for taking care of ourselves as we practice.  If we do not assume that responsibility, we cannot experience fully what we are trying to know/learn.