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Sankalpa + Lila =


We can set all the intentions that we want, we can live according to our dharma (whatever that means), but that will not stop the cosmic play. 

If setting particular and timely intentions (sankalpa) helps us to live day to day most sweetly and efficaciously in the play of chance and chaos, though, then it is a worthwhile practice.  I have found that to be true for me.


Appropo of Ayyappa

Reading today’s article in the Washington Post, “Women Fight for Access to Sacred Places in India,” and appropo of my recent blog post on Ayyappa, reminded me of what led me to the law.  I am conscious that relative to most of the billions of women on this planet, I have had extraordinary opportunities.

I think I have a responsibility to live to the fullest the opportunities I’ve been fortunate enough to have. And I think that part of that responsibility is to make my own contribution to eliminating injustice and to keep working with creativity and dedication and passion, while ultimately, like Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita and his right action, letting go of the result, knowing I am not in control of any particular outcome or sequence of events.

What is your story? The opportunities explored?  The barriers that need not have been there?

purna 1c

Shakti Pilgrims, Tamil Nadu, India, 12/11