I formally took leave today.

First, I went to a dance practice led by Margot Greenlee (BodyWise Dance), which was a lab for exploring techniques to enable those of a wide range of mental and physical capacities to express themselves through movement. Very inspiring.

In between dancing and going to the Phillips Collection to see The Warmth of Other Suns: Stories of Global Displacement exhibit, I paused on the grounds of the Capitol and gave witness to the climate strikers.

I meditated on the bus.


Thoughts on Sadhana

In this realm we can be hit by a car. That’s why, though I see benefits to having some experience with a wide range of practice, I prefer to concentrate my regular practices to those that are designed to maintain compassionate and serene engagement with embodiment to those designed to renounce, escape, exempt or rise above the messiness, complexity, and, sometimes, trauma of embodiment.

What about you? Perhaps you do not feel any need to examine this question.