I woke up violently beset with cold/flu symptoms on Tuesday (fortunately, I’d voted early). I hardly got out of bed for two days and while I was able to work some from home because there were deadlines that needed to be coordinated, I ‘m days from being better. Instead of being out this week bearing witness, I’ve contributed extra to support recount efforts and am glad for the steadiness of committed monthly giving. I am concentrating this long weekend on recovering because this is for the long haul. And look at this beautiful tree, which clearly has enjoyed the overly wet autumn.


Signs Around Town

One of the aspects of mind-body centering and the yoga asana teaching I’ve gotten from that lineage, is that the first question you ask yourself is whether you are safe–usually a given if attending a yoga workshop.

If you’re not safe, then you should be addressing that and not going further towards some particular practice exploration. Everyone deserves to be safe enough to explore mind-body-spirit.