Outside the Federal Courthouse at Lunchtime

“Sometimes,” said the woman in red sitting outside the courthouse.

“Sometimes you gotta,” she said to her co-workers, the red jersey

Of her dress clinging to her ample curves while she kicked

The granite ledge where she sat amidst a din of everyone talking

At every one else, not listening, some smoking, but not eating, on a break

Of some kind.  Maybe they were jurors not court staff or perhaps visitors.

Funny that they didn’t have some kind of badge, all of them talking.

All of them talking and looking like they did the same type of work or had something

In common, talking all at once to a group that was familiar, but didn’t care to listen.

Amidst the talking, too many at once, and the clacking of her heels, like a kid, against

The granite ledge, “sometimes you just gotta be quiet,” she said to nobody listening.


Great Gary Snyder Quote (and Sadhana)

My friend Dan just posted on his blog a great Gary Snyder quote on the need to do maintenance (of the self) in order to be most creative.  The idea that we need to maintain our tools and toolbox, as it were, in order to be most creative, is exactly what we are taught about the tantric yoga sadhana  — practice.  With our yoga practice, diet, lifestyle, work, consumption, participation in community, we seek to live progressively more in alignment with the undulating fabric of space, time, and apparent world so that we have maximum well-being best to serve ourselves and others with delight. In our sadhana, we include both study and experience (experience includes meditation, asana, and pranayama).  As both John Friend and Paul Muller-Ortega teach, we engage in the practices and studies to learn with ever expanding insight how to see and experience the highest first and live from that place.  Living and practicing with such an intention is, I think, the maintenance done so we can live out all of our lives as a reverential and creative act.

Dan–I look forward to reading the sermon.


Guacapacho — or is it Gazpamole?

Puree in a blender or food processor:

peeled cucumber (seeded if necessary; use peels to garnish drinks if peels aren’t bitter)

tomatoes of any mix of colors:

assorted garden herbs and greens (based on taste and availability);

a sweet pepper of any color or variety (and a jalapeno or other hot pepper to taste)

a little minced sweet onion, white of scallion and a hint of garlic if desired (even if you are a garlic junky be gentle with the garlic lest it overwhelm the subtlety of the other flavors)


chilled vegetable stock or water

a little fresh lime or lemon juice (the acid in the juice helps keep the avocado from discoloring when the soup is chilling; a splash of white wine would also serve)


Chill the soup for 1-2 hours; do not let sit longer; garnish with chopped herbs–chive flowers are nice



More Spam Poetry (how practice leads us to the expansive light of Consciousness)

Hello Guru, what entice you to post an article. This article was extremely interesting,  especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

isn’t crucial, at the least possibly not from the outset, in addition to awareness

Everything is very open

I think it’s essential for other to do this. I’m sure it will guide them in doing the right thing.

I heard about that last week. I just want to check if this thing is real. It’s just like with the politics in our world

not a problem. not as long stride when the untrained man or women will try

It is lovely worth sufficient for me.

It goes without saying I will be back again tomorrow,


“I don’t know,

maybe it was the roses.”  Thank you to all my neighbors who make their front gardens an offering of beauty.