A Moment of Gratitude and Compassion

A friend once said that when he heard sirens while he was meditating, he used it as a reminder to share the light of meditation. It is easy to think of roads blocked by emergency vehicles and blaring sirens as disruptions, inconveniences, and annoyances when they are coming for someone other than ourselves. I had a moment of thankfulness this morning that the minor problems are the kind of problems that I have. I was thankful, too, to live where if something bad happens, strangers come to the rescue. I offered healing light to the emergency workers and the person or persons to whom these workers were rushing.


If It Weren’t for Columbus

I would not be walking through Lincoln Park past a sculpture of Lincoln emancipating the slaves. There might not have been any slaves to emancipate. My great grand parents might not have made the trip from Eastern Europe to Ellis Island, which might never had been a portal for millions of human beings to arrive by ship from Europe. What an extraordinary web of existence. What do I think is my purpose and what is my part/purpose in the great web–the part I can never have the vision to know because I am inevitably bound by the perspective of my embodiment?


Invitation to Artistic Collaberation

I loved this collection of ties and sign outside the Studio Gallery in Dupont Circle. It served for me as a great reminder of the tantric yoga invitation to make and share art with our very being, with each other, with the practices, and with the divine. Whatever has drawn and continues to draw us to the practices is an invitation to collaborate in the ecstatic and creative dance of life itself.