The Walk From My House to House of Hands (and the start of Standard Time)

It felt good to sleep in and still wake up at my usual 6am.  I did my morning practice, went to meeting for worship, joined in at a fundraising lunch for Pakistan flood relief, looked at the Truth Beauty exhibit at the Phillips, took a walk in the neighborhood, and then took a short nap.  Then I took one of my favorite walks in the neighborhood — from my house to House of Hands, the home of my neighbor, friend, and wonderful massage therapist Patrick.  As you can see, the sun was setting as I walked to a 5pm appointment.  In honor of the change of seasons, the heat was on the massage table.  Nice.  It was dark when my massage was finished, but I had hot soup for dinner and am looking forward to my evening meditation and practice.  I do not have many days that are this luxurious and free of commitments.  I enjoy them to the fullest when they come.


Sometimes When It Seems As Though I Don’t Have Much to Say

it is because I have too much to say. I am thinking about many things, deeply and all at once. When I write in my journal, unexpected thoughts emerge from some depths. At this stage, the thoughts are for myself. Then some might be for sharing with the friend or colleague who would be interested in engaging in the dialogue that could follow from the idea.

Later, one thought path will capture me enough to invite me to follow though with it–to get down the words, to refine, to research, to read, to confirm, to affirm, to polish.


If Only It Were So Easy

The problem with trying to run away to make things better is that we still bring ourselves with us. We don’t have the luxury of hitting the “reset” button after we’ve done things that we wish we had not done.

Yoga and meditation practice can help give us a sense, though, of being reset by giving us more and radical acceptance and compassion and the ability to simply marvel at the very intricacies of the dance. From there, we can release what binds from our history and continue on, knowing that it is a choice to respond in the same way as we have in the past when the old patterns confront us again (which they inevitably will).