Aerial Views of the Garden

In response to requests, here are some photos of the garden in its current state.

The vine on the left is grapes–there are many dozens of bunches forming.  The vine on the right is a kiwi.  I planted it four years ago, and finally there are some fruits–at most a couple dozen, but it’s a start.  There aren’t enough strawberries to bring inside, but there are always a couple to eat when I am out working.

Current herbs:  cilantro, basil (thai and genovese), Mexican and Greek oregano, parsley, sorrel, tarragon, lemon balm, spearmint, kentucky colonel mint, garlic chives, savory, sage, thyme, rosemary, lavender, stevia, and dill.  Greens include mesclun, arugula, kale, chard, and are ready to eat now.

Snowpeas are on there way (and I ate snow pea greens with garlic scapes and herbs for dinner tonight).  Beans are blossoming; cherry tomatoes and cucumbers have formed, as have a couple of zucchini and a variety of peppers.  Blueberries are ripening and figs are just starting to bud on the new growth.  Carrots and turnips are mostly just a promise, but I expect at least a few.  Leeks and spring onions are poking through, but don’t seem to be getting along with this year’s weather patterns.

What’s growing in your garden?  (Even when I lived in an efficiency apartment in school, I had herbs growing in pots.  And sprouting is its own kind of gardening and only requires a kitchen counter.)  A garden can be made wherever you are, if you want one enough.


Where There Used to Be a Tree, Now There’s a Puddle

There used to be more trees at the plaza in front of Eastern Market. When a couple died in the drought, instead of replanting, they removed the old tree and bricked in the space. Now there’s a puddle that evaporates instead of going into the ground and nourishing a tree in the city. Sure is a pretty puddle though.

Do you have any paved spaces under your control that could be transformed from a place of run-off into a space for plant life?

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Last Saturday at the Arboretum

Not out of caution, but out of wonder, first someone pointed out the black snake to me and a friend, and then we pointed out the snake to others walking past.  And how exquisite the mountain laurel.


Cut Roses

It is a delight to be arriving at the time of season when cutting roses (in advance of dead-heading) and harvesting edibles (to make way for more growth) is a large part of tending the garden–full on reciprocal nurturing.

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