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Late Summer Newsletter–Web Version (Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and the Three A’s)

Dear Friends, After a summer of drought, we just experienced inside the Beltway the power when the earth shudders and shakes in an east coast earthquake of unusual magnitude.  Now, less than a week after the earthquake, I take appropriate… (READ MORE)


National Cathedral

As I witnessed my cozy house shaking and rattling in this my first really measurable earthquake, I got a much deeper appreciation of  just how quickly things can fall apart despite apparent solidity.  It felt clear to my very core… (READ MORE)


“Meeting for Discernment for Peace,” Bhavana, and Heart-Oriented Posturing Language

On the Friends Meeting of Washington list serve this week, there has been a fair amount of email exchanged about an upcoming “meeting for discernment for peace.”  Very roughly described, a meeting for discernment begins with a period of silent… (READ MORE)


Great Gary Snyder Quote (and Sadhana)

My friend Dan just posted on his blog a great Gary Snyder quote on the need to do maintenance (of the self) in order to be most creative.  The idea that we need to maintain our tools and toolbox, as… (READ MORE)


More Spam Poetry (how practice leads us to the expansive light of Consciousness)

Hello Guru, what entice you to post an article. This article was extremely interesting,  especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday. isn’t crucial, at the least possibly not from the outset, in addition to awareness… (READ MORE)