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Web Version of Fall Newsletter (Free Yoga, Annual Thanksgiving Fundraiser for Oxfam, New Props at Wm Penn House)

Dear Friends, Happy Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve, Halloween.  We are slipping into the time of year that is good for dreaming and introspection, while things get wild and windy outside.  I can always tell when it is drawing to the… (READ MORE)


The Danger in Taking Instructions Out of Context (and Satcitananda)

Those of you who are regular readers may sometimes wonder why this blog, which purports to be about yoga, only on the rarest of occasions goes into any detail about the physical alignment principles for asana.  I just received a… (READ MORE)


Prasad (and Opening to Grace)

During one of the sessions at the workshop last weekend in New Jersey, John Friend made a passing reference to the difference between receiving and taking.  He did not go into any detail because it was not central to the… (READ MORE)


About Money and Leisure and the Spiritual Quest (and the 99 percent)

Spiritual pursuit is, in a great sense, a luxury. Without enough time and money for leisure, when and how would we explore spirit? But where else would we find solace if not in spirit when we are suffering from deprivation?… (READ MORE)