Dance/Contact Improvisation

Ways to Ask Permission

I’ve been on staycation for the holidays. I’ve taken a few asana classes around town in studio spaces I haven’t been in before.

In two of the classes, the teachers stated at the beginning that they give physical adjustments. Both teachers asked while students were in child’s pose, so that the response was only for the teacher.

One teacher asked students to make a sign if they did NOT WANT to have adjustments. The other said to make a thumbs up if they WANTED adjustments.

I noticed a palpable difference in the degree of consent because of the emotional difference for me between having to actively say no to avoid unwanted touch as opposed to being told I would be left untouched unless I specifically gave permission. There is also a difference between simply allowing touch rather than specifically having to say I want to receive it.


Neighborhood Walkabout (and Concealment and Revelation)

First I spent a couple of hours in the garden, then I walked to the grocery store and the pet supply shop. The next walk was a loop first to the hardware store and then to the farmers’ market for fruit and eggs.

The last walks were round trip to the Sunday contact improv jam. I mostly did asana in the corner, which is not really dancing, but nobody seemed to mind.

On the way home I extended the walk to do one last errand. The weather was perfect. Gardens everywhere bright and lush from the unusual rain.


Signs Around Town

Signs with intelligent, thought-provoking, and action-inspiring quotes are proliferating in my neighborhood.  I took this photo last night when I was walking home after getting a Friday evening massage in the neighborhood.

This morning, after practicing, I took care of cat, house, and garden, reading the news, signing petitions (not as helpful as visiting/writing to a Senator/Congressperson–but I don’t have those as a DC resident) and doing targeted giving (today to support a free press) in addition to my expanding monthly giving. This afternoon, I am attending “Active Bystander” training.  Then off to share dinner and then watch friends I know from Contact Improv perform works in progress at Dance Exchange.  I will get time outside by traveling as much as possible on foot.

How are you spending your Saturday?  Did it help you feel more engaged, connected, and grateful or less?  If less, what small shift could you decide to make that would be easy enough that you would actually do it?


Found Quotations

4th Floor Galleries, National Museum of African American History and Culture–the weather having been forecast to be unpleasant for walking about, I got a same day ticket for late afternoon by getting on line a little after 7am.