Asana, Pranayama, and Yoga Practice

Discussion of physical aspects of yoga (on and off the mat)

Vipariti Karani

I just finished day two of three of training in “Coaching and Mentoring for Excellence.” It’s at the OPM building, which is just a couple of blocks west of the White House. Given rush hour commuting traffic and where the building and my house are situated relative to mass transportation, it doesn’t take much more time to walk-especially if I jog intermittently-the just over three miles each way. (See posts on Facebook and Instagram to see photos). I also took a walk at lunch.

Sometimes–for those of us fortunate enough to have a safe comfortable space and be healthy and well-nourished–nothing suits like several intentional minutes in vipariti karani (legs up the wall pose). Time to relieve my feet and legs after all that walking on pavement, even with the right shoes; time to be still and quiet, after a day of interpersonal exercises with strangers.


Signs Around Town

What is it when it seems like something is a sign or a perfectly timed message? Is it a moment of clarity or more illusion? The teachings say that diligent practice over a period of time with the right teachers will help us move towards clarity.

I don’t think I’ve practiced long enough to know whether im yet leaning more towards clarity, but I still enjoy practicing.

What’s your experience/thinking on this?